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Presidential Perspectives: Lorraine Sterritt, Saint Michael’s College

Under Pres. Sterritt's leadership. Saint Michael's College has doubled down on actions to promote a widespread sense of inclusion and belonging.
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Presidential Perspectives: Juan Sanchez Muñoz, University of California-Merced

With a majority-minority student body, UC Merced has been overwhelmingly impacted by the pandemic, prompting Chancellor Muñoz to make investments and commitments to maintain student success.
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Presidential Perspectives: Joan Gabel, University of Minnesota

ATI's collective voice brings important visibility to issues of educational equity—and the commitment that leading institutions need to undertake to address them.
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Presidential Perspectives: Ronald Crutcher, University of Richmond

The tragic murder of George Floyd, and the activism of hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters thereafter, represents an inflection point in our history.
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